LightZero Group

The holding company for sustainable lighting products, service and R&D.

Digital Lighting that is Modular, Sustainable & Safe
Digital illumination optimizing sustainability, energy efficiency, control, and safety. Provides the lowest carbon footprint, easiest to install and least expensive commercial and residential lighting ever developed.
State of the Art Healthcare Lighting
Thirteen years ago, we pioneered DC Lighting for Healthcare applications. Highly controllable DC powered lighting, optimized for operating rooms, patient imaging and custom applications.
Astron Digital Controls Logo
Breakthrough Lighting Control Technology
Total control of a building’s lighting with innovative low voltage wall switches, installed using Cat-6 cable. Creates the easiest to install and least expensive solution for commercial and residential lighting control.
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DC Power & Control Solutions
A line of products developed to solve LED lighting’s most demanding requirements. From 100 Watts to 6,000+ Watts of DC power, providing two 100-Watt circuits over Cat-6 cable with unlimited DMX control.