A Disruptive Technology that Defines the Future for Power and Control of Healthcare Lighting.

Unlimited Configurations

Digital Powered Gateway 1 Port
Digital Powered Gateway Lighting Logo

1 Port

1500 Watts
20, 100 Watt, Class-2 Outputs

Digital Powered Gateway Lighting Logo

2 Port

2,000 Watts
40, 100 Watt, Class-2 Outputs

Digital Powered Gateway 2 Port
Digital Powered Gateway Lighting Logo

Digital Powered Bus

2 Port

2,000 Watts
20, 100 Watt, Class-2 Outputs
42 Switch Inputs

DPG and Digital Power Bus
Digital Powered Gateway Lighting Logo

5 Port

6,000 Watts
80, 100 Watt, Class-2 Outputs
Hot – Swappable Power

Digital Powered Gateway 5 Port

Remote Pods

Powered Port

600 Watts
12, 50 Watt,
Class-2 Outputs

Lighting Remote Power Port

Remote Digital
Powered Gateway

600 Watts
4-RGBW, 150 Watt,
Class-2 Outputs

Remote Digital Powered Gateway

Remote Digital
Powered Bus

42, 0-10 VDC or
DMX Switch Control Inputs
Building Lighting Control Input

Lighting Remote Digital Bus

The Illumination System of the Future

Cost Reduction Lighting Solutions

Installing fixtures using Class-2 DC power over Category-6 cable eliminates metal conduit, heavy gauge copper wire, and metal j-boxes to significantly reduce installation costs.

Single Point Control Lighting Solutions

Our Digital Powered Gateway creates a hub for centralized control of lighting by DMX, 0-10 VDC, BACnet, KNX, or Alexa.

No Fire Lighting Solutions

Per NEC, Class-2 Power eliminates the possibility of electrocution or fire from lighting in the occupied space.

DPG Lighting Solutions
DIGITAL Powered Gateway

A single DPG can power and control up to:

with single-color, tunable-white or RGBW illumination.

Cat-6 Cable Lighting Solutions

Carries 200 watts of Class-2 DC power at 48 or 56 VDC to fixtures, with dimming, color changing and data gathering from our remote Digital Powered Gateway.

Sustainability Lighting Solutions
  • 85% reduction in lighting’s carbon footprint
  • Sustainable production methods
  • 99% recyclable at end-of-life
  • No RF or EM radiation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Earns LEED Points.