A healthcare lighting system is not complete without a comprehensive line of fixtures meeting the latest in energy efficiency, operation, design, safety, and performance.

Diffused 1x2

High Output

Lighting Fixture Diffused 2x4

Diffused 2x2

High Output

Lighting Fixture Diffused 2x2

Diffused 1x4

High Output

Diffused 2x4

High Output

Lighting Fixture Diffused 2x4

4" Round

High Output

Healthcare Lighting Round 4 inch

6" Round

High Output

Healthcare Lighting Round 6 inch

8" Round

High Output

Healthcare Lighting Round 8 inch

Ceiling Graphic 2x2

Lighting Fixture Ceiling Graphic Illuminator

Ceiling Graphic 2x4

Healthcare Lighting Illuminator Fixture

Ceiling Light

Lighting Fixture Ceiling Light

Wall Sconce

Lighting Fixture Wall Sconce

3" Gimbal

Lighting Fixtures 3in Gimbal

4" Gimbal

Lighting Fixtures 4in Gimbal

6" Wall Wash Fixture

Lighting Fixture Wall Wash

Under Cabinet Light

Under Cabinet Lighting Fixture

Exit Light

Lighting Fixture Exit Sign

Exit Sign/Light

Lighting Fixture Emergency Sign

Exit Sign

Healthcare Lighting Illuminator Fixture

Backlight Kits

LED Panels

Lighting Solutions Backlit Kit

The Illumination System of the Future

Cost Reduction Lighting Solutions

Installing fixtures using Class-2 DC power over Category-6 cable eliminates metal conduit, heavy gauge copper wire, and metal j-boxes to significantly reduce installation costs.

Single Point Control Lighting Solutions

Our Digital Powered Gateway creates a hub for centralized control of lighting by DMX, 0-10 VDC, BACnet, KNX, or Alexa.

No Fire Lighting Solutions

Per NEC, Class-2 Power eliminates the possibility of electrocution or fire from lighting in the occupied space.

DPG Lighting Solutions
DIGITAL Powered Gateway

A single DPG can power and control up to:

with single-color, tunable-white or RGBW illumination.

Cat-6 Cable Lighting Solutions

Carries 200 watts of Class-2 DC power at 48 or 56 VDC to fixtures, with dimming, color changing and data gathering from our remote Digital Powered Gateway.

Sustainability Lighting Solutions
  • 85% reduction in lighting’s carbon footprint
  • Sustainable production methods
  • 99% recyclable at end-of-life
  • No RF or EM radiation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Earns LEED Points.