Healthcare Lighting Solution Patient Happy
Healthcare Lighting Solution Ambient Lights
Healthcare Lighting Solution Patient Wellness

Systems in Operation.

More Than a Decade Providing Advanced Illumination to the Healthcare Industry

A Healthcare Lighting Technology that provides illumination while influencing the human bio-system:

Enhances Patient Experience
Aids The Healing Process
Increases Staff Performance
Improves Patient Outcome

Lighting That Preserves Our Environment

Lighting Industry Sustainability

Changing the Lighting Industry

Lighting Industry NetZero

Supports NetZero Construction

Lighting Industry Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient
DC Microgrid

Healthcare Lighting Cable Feature


The easiest and least expensive lighting system to install. No commissioning. No PoE switches. No drivers on fixtures.


Open architecture – Accepts any AC or DC input and virtually all industry controls.

Healthcare Lighting Open Architecture
Healthcare Lighting Dependable Circuit


Auto reset, Self-recovering, Mil-spec design – for lighting that cannot fail.

Designed from the ground up with a “Passion for our environment”.

Healthcare Lighting Sustainable

...better light through research

A Technology with the power
to change an industry

Raw Power
Pure Efficiency
Without Constraint