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C3’s Vu-Point graphic Illuminators are designed specifically to backlight images in T-Bar or Hard-Lid ceilings. The unique housing is placed on top of graphic panels and suspended on the T-bar grid. For certain applications, the graphics can be installed and sealed in the illuminator’s housing. Like all products from C3 Lighting, they use the innovative ION™ Light Engine. All fixtures have an Agion Antimicrobial Powder Coat finish. The unique Class 1 or Class 2 Power Package reduces installation costs, these illuminators consume a minimum of 65% less energy than similar illumination from T-8 fluorescent lamps.

C3 has released a series of illumination products for the patient room that can be controlled by staff and/or the patient. The products allow the environment of the patient room to be customized at the touch of a button to meet the mood or needs of the patient and staff. Multiple skylight panels can be combined to create large graphic scenes.


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