C3 Lumos | Diffused Luminaire

The New Standard

Certified MIL-STD-461-F – perfect for MRIs, Lumos Luminaires use the innovative ION™ Light Engine remotely driven by the patented Helius™ Remote Power Distribution Module. These light panels are remarkably thin and lightweight. Panels consume a minimum of 65% less energy than T-8 fluorescent lamps. In addition, the unique Class 1 or Class 2 Power Package reduces installation costs. Whether Hard Lid, T-bar or flange mount, our Lumos Luminaires set new standards for the Health Care Industry. RFI/EMI free, non-ferrous construction eliminates mounting restrictions, making them ideal for specialized applications in healthcare such as MRI rooms.

C3 Lighting has developed the first fully solid state Innovative Classroom Lighting Solution that addresses both lighting and acoustics, both necessary for improved learning. The color temperature and illumination levels of a classroom’s lighting can be adjusted by the teacher based on different classroom activities.


Lumos Spec Sheet
Lumos 2×2 IES Files
Lumos 1×4 IES Files
Lumos 2×4 IES Files

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