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The Future of Backlighting

Technically sound, absolutely stunning.

Architectural spaces often have unique lighting requirements that cannot be solved by typical lighting products. The solution can be found with C3’s groundbreaking Backlighting System offering unique results for backlighting fabric, glass graphic images, acrylics and other translucent decorative materials. LED arrays can be supplied in a multitude of sizes, as small as 3 inches by 6 inches or in pin-registered panels to backlight thousands of square feet. With unsurpassed customization our LED panels can be placed as close as 1.6 inches from the image or substrate providing even illumination and minimizing the depth of the enclosed space. Our Remote Power and Control Technology allows the power supplies to be installed up to 200 feet from the illuminated area, greatly reducing heat behind the substrate and improving maintenance.

C3’s Virtual Lobby

C3 takes you into a virtual Lobby to demonstrate the extensive line of products developed to specifically enhance this environment. Our products provide advanced lighting with precise color and intensity control. Inherently safe and fully controllable illumination places the power and intelligence of our lighting system outside the illuminated space with advanced control capability.

Immense Range of Lighting

No spot left unlit.

Typical LED backlighting provides a limited number of fixed color temperature. C3 solved this limitation by adding the Tunable-White option allowing a choice of color temperatures from 2,500k to 7,500k, in addition to RGB, RGBA and RGBW to provide virtually any color for backlighting. C3 offers a variety of control options and dimming from 100% to 1% allowing you to have full control. Remote intelligent power supplies can be controlled by 0-10 VDC or DMX-512 commands for color selection or programming timed scenes to create the effect you want, how you want.

Power & Control

C3 Lighting has incorporated their revolutionary remote power and control technology for LED lighting into a system that brings numerous attributes to the patient room. Our patient room lighting is functional while enhancing the patient experience. An Intelligent Power Distribution Module serves as the heart of the system and provides a portal for Microprocessor Controlled Lighting, creating a new dimension in programmable lighting.

C3’s technology places the power supply for LED illumination in a central location and runs only low voltage DC power into the patient’s room. This decreases the size of fixtures, provides a safer environment, reduces the room’s heat load and decreases installation costs. Lighting can be controlled by a wall switch, a bedside remote, a personal electronic device such as an iPhone or Android, or from the nurse’s station.