Surgical Products

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External Field Illuminator

Diffused Luminaire

6″ & 10″ Round Downlights

Wall Wash Fixture

Under Cabinet Fixture

EFI Touchpad

Operating Room Touchpad

Helius PDM

The Future of Surgical Lighting

Inherently safe, technically sound, absolutely stunning.

C3’s surgical lighting products change the way operating room lighting is powered and controlled. Our new External Field Illuminator sets new standards for illuminating the surgical table. Large arrays of high performance LEDs allow the intensity and color of light output to be changed permitting the surgeon to choose just the right intensity and color of light output to optimize their vision. By varying the color temperature of light  output in five steps between 3000k (enhanced red) and 7500k (reduced red) with a CRI of 91, greatly improving the surgeons ability to differentiate between tissues of similar color. C3 Lighting’s EFIS can also be ordered with a Green Light Option for green illumination during endoscopic procedures to reduce eye fatigue and improve visualization of monitors.

C3’s Virtual Operating Room

C3 takes you into a virtual Operating Room to demonstrate the extensive line of products developed to specifically enhance this environment. Our products provide advanced lighting with precise color and intensity control. Inherently safe and fully controllable illumination places the power and intelligence of our lighting system outside the illuminated space with advanced control capability.

Improved vision

Lighting designed to aid surgeons.

C3’s advanced technology eliminates the flickering often found in fluorescent and many of today’s LED lighting systems. This flicker is often not perceived by the human eye, but leads to accelerated eye fatigue which is of great concern to surgeons and operating room personnel. Illumination is controlled using a specialized high frequency pulse width modulation (PWM) technology that flashes the LEDs at a rate imperceptible to the human eye; more than twenty times faster than what has been shown to affect human biological systems. This provides a lighting system that not only greatly reduces eye strain and improves visualization but does not interfere with HD monitors, radiological imaging equipment or photographic documentation.

Budgetary Layouts

Operating Room – Basic

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Operating Room – Upgrade 1

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Operating Room – Upgrade 2

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Operating Room – Deluxe

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