C3’s Neonatal Lighting

Application Video Series

Novalux Product Line

Circadian Fixture

This product allow the environment of the patient room to be customized at the touch of a button to meet the mood or needs of the patient and staff. Helping to create a “patient room of the future.”

Diffused Luminaire

Novalux Luminaires use the innovative ION™ Light Engine and the patented Helius™ Remote Power. These light panels are remarkably thin, consuming a minimum of 65% less energy than T-8 fluorescent lamps.

6″ & 10″ Round Downlights

These products are shallow, lightweight, have a remarkably even light distribution pattern and consume 65% to 90% less energy than incandescent-based products.

Indirect Circadian-Exam

This product was designed specifically for Patient Room applications. Available in down, up, or a combination of up and down lighting. Both directions of illumination can be individually controlled.

NICU Touchpads

All of C3 Lighting’s Touchpad Switches use capacitive-sense technology. Styles available for specific lighting applications in addition to custom programming.

Power Distribution Module

C3 has developed a breakthrough technology that provides DC power, Class 1 or Class 2 current limiting, pulse width modulation dimming, total lighting control and energy monitoring in one device.

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