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The typical NICU has progressed from a moderately lit special care area alongside the main nursery in the 1960’s; to brightly lit large rooms with many newborns in the 1980’s; to smaller more dimly lit modules, pods, or individual rooms as the new millennium arrived. The move to brightly lit large rooms was largely driven by a need to keep a high number of critically ill infants under constant observation, and by an assumption that such an environment was well tolerated by infants. It became clear that this environment had issues for the developing premature infant and specialized lighting requirements for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit prompted C3 to design a system that addresses the specific needs of the NICU.

One such fixture is C3’s Dawn-To-Dusk illumination system, designed to influence the circadian rhythm of the newborn. Microprocessor control and a proprietary algorithm provide the first simulated Dawn-To-Dusk illumination available for healthcare applications. Variable color temperatures from 590nm (amber) to 20,000K (extreme blue-white) are used to simulate a more naturally illuminated environment for the newborn.

Our NICU Circadian Illumination System is a first in the healthcare industry. More natural Dawn-To-Dusk illumination allows the newborns circadian system to be properly developed during extended stays in the NICU. From a soft amber sunrise to brilliant mid-day sun (20,000K), programmable illumination can be tailored to the needs of the newborn.

C3’s Virtual NICU

C3 takes you into a virtual NICU to demonstrate the extensive line of products developed to specifically enhance this environment. Our products provide advanced lighting with precise color and intensity control. Inherently safe and fully controllable illumination places the power and intelligence of our lighting system outside the illuminated space with advanced control capability.

Lighting Gives Life

Creating a safer environment.

The system uses the powerful four-color ION™ Light Engine with 576 LEDs per square foot. Combining Amber, Blue (658nm) and two proprietary White LEDs provide variable illumination beyond what has previously been available in the lighting industry. An Amber night-light option is also available.

The specialized fixtures combined with our Remote Power and Control Technology eliminates RF and EM interference along with the heat found in other lighting fixtures, providing a safer environment for the newborn, their family and the NICU staff.

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