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The Future of Architectural Lighting

Technically sound, absolutely stunning.

C3 Lighting’s Centralized Remote Power and Control Technology provides several unique features to the Architectural Lighting Market. Fixtures are smaller, lighter in weight, much less expensive to install and when compared to other manufacturers products, they have a greatly reduced carbon footprint. Remote Power Technology conserves energy by providing one power supply for as many as 240 fixtures, reducing redundant conversion from AC to DC power. The heat generated by LED drivers and fluorescent ballasts can be placed outside the occupied space, reducing heat load and air conditioning costs. C3’s Remote Power Technology, when combined with our fixtures saves money and creates a fully digital lighting system providing Tunable-White, dimmable lighting that easily integrates with building management systems. The entire system can serve as a building’s DC Microgrid and programmed to interface with solar, wind or battery stored power.

Illumination and mood

Lighting is not just visual.

The color temperature and intensity of light influences mood as well as productivity and traditional light sources provide a fixed color temperature. C3 Lighting’s Tunable-White and programmable illumination capability allow a choice of color temperatures from 2,500K to 7,500K. In addition, RGB, RGBA, and RGBW systems are available to provide virtually any color of illumination desired. C3 offers a variety of control options with dimming from 100% to 1% and remote intelligent power supplies that can be controlled by 0 – 10 VDC or virtually any DMX-512 control signal for full color changing and custom programming of scenes.

Power & Control

C3 Lighting pioneered Remote Power and Control of LED Illumination, also known as Distributed DC Power. In 2009 C3 Lighting, Inc. proposed that the LED should be considered simply one component of a lighting system, allowing a building’s illumination to be more easily configured as a network. In addition, the conversion of AC to DC power to drive a fixture’s LED’s should not be on or in a fixture, but in a central location. This eliminates LED drivers and the controls required for dimming and illumination color changes from fixtures. This model is the basis for C3 Lighting’s Remote Power and Control Network for LED Illumination.