C3’s Classroom Lighting

Application Video Series

Luminess Product Line

Suspended Fixture

This product was designed specifically for Patient Room applications. Available in down, up, or a combination of up and down lighting. Both directions of illumination can be individually controlled.

White Board Fixture

Luminess LED White Board Fixtures are high power LED lights that are used for classroom white board illumination and come in a variety of sizes.

Diffused Luminaire

Luminess Luminaires use the innovative ION™ Light Engine and the patented Helius™ Remote Power. These light panels are remarkably thin, consuming a minimum of 65% less energy than T-8 fluorescent lamps.

Acoustic Diffused Luminaire

Luminess Acoustic Diffused Luminaires are an “acoustic ceiling” used to mean heavy absorptive mineral or fiberglass, blocking only mid-range sound while providing optimal lighting.

6″ & 10″ Round Downlights

These products are shallow, lightweight, have a remarkably even light distribution pattern and consume 65% to 90% less energy than incandescent-based products.

Classroom Touchpads

All of C3 Lighting’s Touchpad Switches use capacitive-sense technology. Styles available for specific lighting applications in addition to custom programming.

Power Distribution Module

C3 has developed a breakthrough technology that provides DC power, Class 1 or Class 2 current limiting, pulse width modulation dimming, total lighting control and energy monitoring in one device.

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