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Over Bed Fixture

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The Future of Comfort Lighting

Inherently safe, technically sound, absolutely stunning.

Single or multiple fixtures provide general room illumination, high intensity lighting for reading, a focused exam/procedure light, amber night lighting, “Blue Light Therapy”, and programmable Dawn-to-Dusk illumination. This technology can improve a patient’s comfort and satisfaction with their environment. It has been shown that “Blue Light Therapy” can cause a decrease in levels of melatonin and reduce depression. Amber night Lighting serves as a light source for a patient to get out of bed or for the nurse to observe the patient and unlike white light it has been shown to not reduce levels of melatonin, allowing a patient to more easily return to sleep.

Programmable “Dawn-to-Dusk” lighting can help regulate a more natural circadian rhythm that is often difficult to maintain when patients are indoors for extended periods of time. A more natural circadian rhythm can reduce both hospital stay and levels of medication. Our integrated exam light uses the same technology found in C3’s External Field Surgical Light where both the level of illumination and color of light output can be varied to improve visualization and help resolve fine detail.

C3’s Virtual Patient Room

C3 takes you into a virtual Patient Room to demonstrate the extensive line of products developed to specifically enhance this environment. Our products provide advanced lighting with precise color and intensity control. Inherently safe and fully controllable illumination places the power and intelligence of our lighting system outside the illuminated space with advanced control capability.

Create an Environment

Endless possibilities for lighting.

Specialized Cove Lighting is available for the Patient Room, providing an attractive “wall washing” effect that can be programmed to dim, fade between selected colors, cover the wall with tunable white or colored light and project Dawn-to-Dusk illumination into the room. Adding an architectural lighting element to the room that serves to distract and relax the patient. Round down lights can also be added to highlight selected areas to the Patient Room. These fixtures can also include the ability to be programmed to provide the same lighting effects as our other Patient Room fixtures. All Patient Room fixtures can be ordered sealed (IP-66) and electroplated with an antimicrobial coating that suppresses the growth of bacteria, fungi, spores and other contaminants.

Power & Control

C3 Lighting has incorporated their revolutionary remote power and control technology for LED lighting into a system that brings numerous benefits to the Patient Room. Our Patient Room lighting is both functional and beneficial by enhancing the patient experience. An intelligent Power Distribution Module serves as the heart of the system and provides a portal for Microprocessor Controlled Lighting, creating a new dimension in programmable lighting.

C3’s technology places the power and control of LED illumination outside the patient’s room. This decreases the size of the fixtures, provides a safer environment, reduces the room’s heat load and decreases installation costs. C3’s lighting system can conveniently be controlled by a wall switch, a bedside remote, a personal electronic device such as an iPhone or Android, or from the nurse’s station.

Budgetary Layouts

Patient Room – Basic

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Patient Room – Upgrade 1

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Patient Room – Upgrade 2

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Patient Room – Deluxe

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