The Power of DMX

The promise of LED technology and the benefits took a bit of time to be fully integrated into the lighting industry. But one industry led the way, Entertainment Lighting.

entertainment lighting DMX

Immediately they saw benefits: gone were the constant lamp changeouts, gel purchases, 3rd-degree burns and soooooo much more that they forget how it used to be!
Just think – if you wanted a certain color, guess what? You needed to change the gel or have a separate light just for that color. But with color-changing LEDs, everyone from your local DJ doing weddings to Broadway Lighting Designers could now dream BIG.
And what allows them to control all these crazy lights doing all these wild things? THE POWER OF DMX CONTROL.

DMX Slider C3 Lighting

0-10V is great, but it’s a 20th-century technology – whereas, the Lighting Industry, in the first quarter of the 21st century is still using legacy technology. This legacy technology is acceptable if all you need to do is dim/on/off.
But as we know, give folks the ability to do more, and they will need it – color changing, tunable-white, circadian rhythm, etc., all of these are difficult to do with 0-10V and require large proprietary solutions to accomplish – all 0-10V is not created equal and one manufacturer’s products don’t always get along with another’s.

If you ask the manufacturers:

“They don’t want to talk about it”

So what’s to be done? An industry standard based on DMX-512, a standard that is currently used by a very large segment of the entertainment lighting industry to do amazing lighting and effects – end-users, facilities, and manufacturers of lighting controls will all benefit by addressing the DMX-512 standard.
If the industry continues on the 0-10V path, it will be a future of constant compatibility issues and stunted abilities in a lighting control market that has exponential growth potential.


Muse – DMX Controls from C3 Lighting
Varia – Digital Control from C3 Lighting