The Joy of Color


The History of Color and Lighting

In the general lighting industry, when we think of color, we tend to recall our hazy days of youth where we may have had a red bulb, or a UV bulb with a crazy poster in our bedroom – the more adventurous had a green or blue bulb. Essentially painted glass.
blacklight bedroom color
The really cool person was the one who had that rotating gel frame with different colored gels in front of the bulb – remember them?
But one static color is annoying and boring – and sometimes headache inducing.
The entertainment industry was quick to see the inherent benefits of LEDs – one multicolored LED fixture could now do the work of 3 or 4 colored gel fixtures – unbelievable, and the entertainment industry responded by converting to LED. Local wedding receptions can now look like Broadway shows thanks to LEDs and DMX programming!
And now, slowly, color is moving into general lighting – if you’ve seen our Texas Longhorns ceiling, and the awesome player’s response upon seeing it for the first time – or if you’ve ever been to a musical or concert, you know the power of color – you feel the power of color.
C3 Lighting Project Photo Texas Longhorns Locker Room color

Color and C3

At C3, we believe in color because we’ve built-to-spec color fixtures for all kinds of applications: from a simple dance room, to Green/White wall washers at Stanford’s New Hospital, to RGBW cove lighting, to specialized illumination for laboratories and research facilities. We also provided the programming and controls to go with it.

The Effects of Color

Color can excite our day, it can calm it, it can provoke emotions in ways that simple white light fundamentally cannot provide. It can also play a critical role in rehab and research. And being able to control color is paramount. 0-10VDC legacy controls are often inadequate – only DMX can handle the job.
Blue Light Therapy Baby Color
Color can treat Jaundice in the newborn and studies show can also make a difference in the lives of people who are experiencing Developmental Coordination Disorder, or Dyspraxia. Parents of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder already use colored LEDs in a therapeutic manner.

Color and Surgery

In surgery, they use White/Green LEDs for visual acuity when working with monitors – and in some cases even our RGBW fixtures have been specified in Operating Rooms.

The Future of Color

As the industry progresses and matures, and legacy components are replaced due to lacking flexibility and performance, you will see color used more and more in lighting applications. As research continues looking at the impact of lighting on our health and behavior, color will be more widely implemented.

Fall in love with lighting all over again – go for color.