C3 Spectro | Backlighting Panel

Always simple, never average

Available in a variety of sizes, Spectro Backlighting Kits consist of an array of ION™ Solid-State Light Engines mounted onto an aluminum backplate, pre-wired and configured to meet Class 2 electrical safety requirements. These Kits enable designers, architects, manufacturers, integrators and lighting professionals to create new applications for LED illumination. The scope and diversity of uses for the Spectro Backlighting Kit combined with its inherently safe low voltage design, energy efficiency, eco-friendliness, shallow profile and perfectly even illumination makes it ideal for integration into architectural lighting, signage products, gaming, vending, beverage dispensing machines exhibit displays, as well as many other architectural and commercial lighting applications.

Typical LED backlighting provide a limited number of fixed color temperature. C3’s Tunable-White option allows a choice of color temperatures from 2,500 K to 7,500 K, in addition to RGB, RGBA and RGBW to provide virtually any color of backlighting. C3 offers a variety of control options and dimming from 100% to 1%. Remote intelligent power supplies can be controlled by 0 – 10 VDC or any DMX-512 control signal for full color changing and custom programming of scenes.


Spectro Spec Sheet
Spectro 1 LED IES Files
Spectro 4 LED IES Files

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