C3 Revo | Active Current Limiter

The New Standard

The Revolt Programmable PWM Current Limiter is a stand-alone device that can be placed anywhere in a buildings’ DC lighting circuit. This unique device reduces DC current from Class 1 to Class 2 levels, serves as a branch for LED wiring allowing easy distribution of DC circuits, provides PWM dimming, and monitors energy usage in each room or zone.

The Revolt Current Limiter is microprocessor controlled and can be addressed by C3’s Intelligent Wall Controls, wireless through WiFi® or by DMX commands. The technology (patent pending) employed in the Revolt is a first in the LED lighting industry.

Active on-board control circuitry allows dimming of one or multiple zones (channels) using C3 Lighting’s DMX Intelligent Wall Dimmers or
other IEC 60929 compliant 0-10V dimmers. Lutron Diva® is compatible. Consult factory for a list of tested dimmers or to submit a dimmer
for testing.


Revolt Spec Sheet

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