C3 Revo | Passive Current Limiter

The New Standard

The Revo Current Limiter is a stand-alone device that can be placed anywhere in a buildings DC lighting circuit. This unique device will reduce high current DC from Class 1 to Class 2 and serves as a hub allowing easy distribution of circuits.

The Revo is a passive version of C3’s Revolt Programmable PWM Current Limiter. This product is used when PWM dimming and energy monitoring are not a requirement.

Active on-board control circuitry allows dimming of one or multiple zones (channels) using C3 Lighting’s DMX Intelligent Wall Dimmers or
other IEC 60929 compliant 0-10V dimmers. Lutron Diva® is compatible. Consult factory for a list of tested dimmers or to submit a dimmer
for testing.


Revo Spec Sheet

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