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Advanced Power Supplies for advanced lighting

C3 Lighting is a unique company that designs, engineers and manufactures LED-based networked lighting products. C3 considers the LED only one component in a building’s digital lighting network. Unlike traditional lighting, which is made up of fixtures containing ballasts or drivers and controls wired to switched AC circuits, C3 believes that an LED lighting system is optimized when power, controls, power management, fixtures and the LED itself viewed as components that combine to create a building’s digital lighting network.

Typical lighting has a ballast or driver in or on every fixture that is connected to AC power. These ballasts or drivers convert AC power to DC power to start and drive the lamps or LEDs. C3’s technology utilizes “driverless” LED fixtures that are smaller in size, have cost effective installation and reduced shipping by eliminating the need for integrated power supplies and controls as part of the fixture.