Elimination of Excess

C3 Lighting’s Remote Power & Control Technology

In the majority of installations, DC power optimizes efficiency and control of illumination. C3’s Power Distribution Modules create a DC Microgrid; reducing installation costs, decreasing a building’s carbon footprint and increasing safety for the building’s occupants.

Cost Reduction

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System requires only one AC connection per 96 2’x2′ fixtures, reducing a building’s construction cost.

Heat Reduction

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Elimination of drivers on fixtures reduces heat in the occupied space, decreasing load on AC equipment and energy usage.

Maintenance Reduction

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Elimination of drivers on fixtures reduces maintenance from multiple driver failures.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

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Class-2 Power uses small 2 conductor wire or Cat-5 cable. Eliminating metal conduit J-boxes and reducing the building’s carbon footprint.

Take a look at C3 Lighting’s Helius Power Distribution Module to see where it all starts.