Elegance and Simplicity in Wiring


  Elegance and Simplicity in Wiring: Electrical Engineering, Electrical Contracting, LED Lighting, & DC Remote Power If you’ve ever had the chance to look above your suspended ceiling in an office you will notice a

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The Joy of Color


The Joy of Color   The History of Color and Lighting In the general lighting industry, when we think of color, we tend to recall our hazy days of youth where we may have had

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The Power of DMX


The Power of DMX The promise of LED technology and the benefits took a bit of time to be fully integrated into the lighting industry. But one industry led the way, Entertainment Lighting. Immediately they

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DC Microgrids and Natural Disasters


DC Microgrids and Natural Disasters   Puerto Rico 90% of Puerto Rico, weeks after storm landing, is still without power – Tesla and Sonnen are in talks with the PR government to assist with batteries

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