C3 Axon | Round Downlight

The New Standard

C3’s Axon™ Downlights use the innovative ION™ Light Engine driven by the patented Helius™ Remote Power Distribution Module. These products are shallow, lightweight, have a remarkably even light distribution pattern and consume 65% to 90% less energy than incandescent-based products. They’re driven by centralized remote Class 1 or Class 2 power which significantly reduces installation costs. RFI/EMI free, non-ferrous construction eliminates mounting restrictions, making them ideal for specialized applications in healthcare.

C3 has released a series of illumination products for the patient room that can be controlled by staff and/or the patient. The products allow the environment of the patient room to be customized at the touch of a button to meet the mood or needs of the patient and staff


Axon Spec Sheet
Axon 10″ IES Files
Axon 6″ IES Files

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