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The C3 Microgrid

C3 Lighting pioneered Distributed DC Power over nine years ago when we released our Power Distribution Module that not only remotely powers and controls LED illumination but serves as the hub for a buildings DC Micro Grid.

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The Future

In 2017, we have taken our technology to the next level, introducing our second generation Helius product line. A single Power Distribution Module can now provide 5,000 watts of 48 VDC Class-2 power, emergency egress illumination, redundant power modules, interface with solar, wind and battery power, receive up to 48 sensor inputs, link up to 20 Modules (96,000 watts of class-2 DC power), interface with DMX or 0-10 VDC controls, communicate with Building Management Systems and provide data to the IoT.

Our technology allows up to 144 – 2’ X 2’ diffused fixtures to be powered and controlled by a single Power Distribution Module, making Distributed DC Power a practical solution for large scale commercial projects. Centralized microprocessor control, simple two-conductor class-2 wiring, radically reduced installation costs and our feature-rich products stage our technology to disrupt commercial LED illumination as it is positioned today.     

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Distributed DC Power

The technology that is changing the game

Removal of drivers and controls from fixtures eliminates multiple conversions from AC to DC power, increasing the overall efficiency of the lighting system and eliminating hundreds of lighting components from a building.
Class 2 DC power eliminates metal conduit and large gauge wire from most commercial lighting installations, greatly reducing the carbon footprint of a building.
The Power Distribution Module provides a single point for communication in order to control a building’s entire lighting network.
Fixtures without drivers and controls are smaller, cost less to ship and are easier to install.
The Microprocessor in the Power Distribution Module provides extreme control and custom configuration of the lighting network.
Convenient switching from AC power to alternate DC energy sources, such as Solar, Wind, etc.
Spontaneous switching to emergency battery back-up for the entire lighting network.
DC power is available for business and personal electronics.
Class 2 DC power is “Inherently Safe” per National Electric Code and cannot cause a fire nor electrocution.